The Gumbird Quest 2020

The Gumbird Quest:

The 28th annual Gumboot Rally has been revamped for spring 2020!

Whether you are an Early Bird or a Night Owl, play along as we seek out our local feathered friends, both real and imaginary. Don’t forget to keep physically distancing, but be Eagle-eyed when you look out your window or are getting fresh air to find the birds.

(Thanks to local bird-watcher Reid Hildebrandt for picking our 18 bird species.)

How do you play?
a) Get your Gumbird Quest bird sheet above.

b) Look for the birds on the sheet between no and May 9. When you find one, send us a photo, video or audio clip to For each bird you find, we will enter one ballot for you in our Eagle-Eye draw.

c) Check out our social media pages at 9am each morning for the Daily Bird Mission, with chances to enter even more prize ballots!

Who can play?
Anyone of any age can play. Play alone or take part with a team of family members or physically-distanced friends. Please share your findings by phone or internet, but remain in your own nest!

Is this a fundraiser?
You can play just for fun! If you want to make a donation to Inclusion NWT, we’d be bird-brained to say no. Just head on over to our fundraising page!

Funds collected support services offered by Inclusion NWT, such as:

  • Skills Training and Community Inclusion
  • Family and Children’s Services
  • Supported Independent Living
  • Employment Services
  • Literacy Outreach

Inclusion NWT provides lifelong support for individuals with disabilities and their families in the NWT, since 1962.

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