Skills Training & Community Inclusion

The ST&CI service works with adults who may have more complex needs. We provide job training and employment opportunities as well as other activities that encourage social, literacy and life skills. Clients can be involved on a full or part-time basis. ST&CI clients also offer other business services such as shredding, recycling, courier and other small projects. 


Supported Living

The Supported Living Services provides ongoing client-directed support for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and brain injury who choose to live in homes of their own. The service encourages individuals to participate as fully as possible in their own household management and to take an active role in their community while ensuring they live with dignity.  


Employment Services & EmployABILITY

EmployABILITY helps build a stable northern workforce by connecting employers with workers ready for the workforce – who just happen to have a disability. We provide the support needed to help make the employment relationship a good one for all parties. The Odd Job Squad connects employers with workers for  one-time or casual project jobs, such as shovelling or yard clean-up.   

Family & Community Services

Respite & Personal Supports

Literacy Outreach Centre

The Literacy Outreach Centre (LOC) is a partnership between Inclusion NWT and Aurora College. We offer literacy programs in the community that are open to everyone, with or without disabilities: an adult literacy class to improve reading and math, computer classes, tutoring, family literacy for toddlers and their parents, and a book club. 

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