YKACL Teen Summer Program 2019 Early Bird Registration June 1st-30th

The 2019 YKACL Teen Summer Program runs from 1:30pm-4:30pm weekdays through July and August.

Early Bird Registration opens June 1st.

Teens and young adults aged 13-21 are encouraged to register in June, but registration remains open throughout the program.
Young people with or without a disability are welcome!

This year’s schedule features indoor and outdoor sports, dance classes, field trips to the beach and pool, hands-on workshops, yoga, a canoe trip and plenty of other novel summer experiences.

There is no cost to register or participate. Participants may choose to attend every weekday or decide what days work for them. For example, a participant may choose to attend one day per week while another may attend daily, except on a day or two when they take a break for a family holiday.

For more information, please contact Michael or Vera at 920-2644 or email inclusion2@inclusionnwt.ca

Hope to see you there!

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