Yay Fusion! Teen Group’s Pysanky Workshop! (Feb. 21)

ALL TEENS aged 13 to 18, with or without a disability, are encouraged to pre-register for the upcoming Yay Fusion! Teen Group’s Pysanky Workshop!

The workshop runs from 5:45pm – 9pm Friday, Feb. 21. Hosted by artist Azure DeGrow, owner of Frisky Kistky – Pysanky by Azure, the workshop will introduce participants to the art of Ukrainian egg decorating. Learn how to make beautiful egg art using traditional and modern methods.

This course is designed to give participants enough information to start creating pysanky on their own. Participants will learn basic egg division, wax technique using an electric kistka, working on pre-emptied eggs including the freezer method, and how to apply colours.

Each participant will leave with a pysanka of their own creation. All supplies and refreshments included.

To pre-register, text: 867-444-7833.

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