WELCOME to the Abe Miller Garden!

When property owners experience vandalism, theft, and break and enter – they may weigh two responses:
1. Build fences and keep strangers out.
2. Build relationships and invite neighbours in.
The Yellowknife Association for Community Living is proud to choose the second path!
The Yellowknife Association for Community Living welcomes all our friends and neighbours to enjoy the lush and lovely Abe Miller Garden this summer.
Picnic around one of our handcrafted tables. Pause to sit and rest as you pass by on a stroll. Why not walk your dog through the yard each evening? (We provide a free doggie bag dispenser just in case you run out!)
Our award-winning garden promises to be spectacular again this year. Association clients and staff planted dahlias, marigolds, sunflowers and lots of wildflowers. Willow sculpture, Great Slave Lake driftwood and some of the oldest rocks in the world decorate the area.
Unfortunately, the Association has experienced numerous instances of theft, vandalism and break and enters in recent months. We have a locked
storage tent on the property for use by staff and clients. Trespassers have repeatedly broken in and damaged the structure, despite its lack of any valuable contents.
We believe more regular foot traffic in the garden will deter individuals who may wish to damage or otherwise disrespect the space.
Increased lighting and alarms have been installed in vulnerable parts of the property, as well.
Association clients and staff love our community and we welcome all our neighbours to enjoy the Abe Miller Garden as our guests.


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