Staff profile: April Wu, Inclusion NWT Supported Living Worker

by April Wu

BEING PASSIONATE about our work is something most of us aspire to. And I love my work with Inclusion NWT. I enjoy being a supported living worker for numerous reasons, and the top two reasons are the rapport with clients and support from colleagues.
Inclusion NWT is like a small, harmonious community composed of clients and staff like me. In our community, everyone is included equitably, treated respectfully, and encouraged daily. Working here allows me to have the time to build connections with our clients, acknowledge each of them as a whole person, support their decision makings, and fulfill their days with meaningful activities. Often, I work in clients’ homes and assist and teach them small daily tasks, such as making the bed, loading dishes, taking medications, etc. But, all tasks are meaningful, as these things are the cornerstones to unlock clients’ potential to live a full life and be self-sufficient, reflecting the philosophy of Inclusion NWT – supporting the independence of each client by not doing for them but doing with them.
Even though I work with clients on my own, I never felt I was left alone. The staff support is always there. The management shows strong leadership and mentorship. I cancould work with more confidence and satisfaction as I am listened to, acknowledged, and trusted. So, I have the autonomy to enable and empower my clients by assisting them in meeting their best interests and promoting their well-being. I have seen my personal and professional growth progressively from learning from my clients and other staff. If you are a compassionate, competent, and caring person, you are more than welcome to join our team.

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