The Odd Job Squad

Established in May 2018, The Odd Job Squad seeks to assist under-employed individuals who self-identify with any kind of disability to derive a small income from one-time or short-term work while they build or affirm job skills, and/or search for permanent employment.

The Odd Job Squad is perfect for mowing grass, raking and other yard work, snow shoveling, delivering small furniture, stacking wood, alphabetizing, hauling gravel, gardening, providing construction assistance, dump runs and much more!

Squad members are accompanied by Inclusion NWT staff to provide guidance where needed and to ensure a safe workspace and quality work at each job.

The Odd Job Squad service fee

Rate: $16*/hour per worker (plus applicable City of YK tipping fees for any dump runs)**
100% of the $16 fee is paid to the individual clients who do the work.
Expenses such as Inclusion NWT staff wages, gasoline, applicable mileage and other expenses are not passed on to our customers.

To hire The Odd Job Squad, call or text the hotline: (867) 445-6967 or email:
(Customers may also hire us by messaging us on Facebook).

*On Sept. 1, 2019, Inclusion NWT raised client wages to $16/hour per worker from $15/hour per worker  Рthe same date the NWT minimum wage increased to $15.20/hour from $13.46/hour.

**Yard maintenance such as snow shoveling and leaf-raking services are free for seniors aged 65+ in Yellowknife, Ndilo and Dettah. This is made possible thanks to generous cash donations from residents and the business community that ensure all clients who work for seniors aged 65+ are paid at the full $16/hour rate.

To hire the Odd Job Squad, call or text: (867) 445-6967

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