Hire the YKACL Odd Job Squad TODAY!

The YKACL Odd Job Squad is available for short-term or one-time tasks, such as:

  • yard work
  • housecleaning
  • shoveling
  • construction assistance
  • sweeping and mopping
  • alphabetizing
  • furniture deliveries
  • dump runs
  • raking leaves
  • hauling gravel
  • stacking firewood
  • and much more!

To hire the Odd Job Squad, call or text the hotline at 445-6967 or email info@InclusionNWT.ca

Bartle & Gibson hired two Odd Job Squad members for eight days of work last month as the company moved into its new Old Airport Road location.

“Boy was that ever a smart move,” said Bartle & Gibson branch manager Wade Makaro. He described the two Squad members he hired as “excellent workers for the jobs I needed them to do. They were pleasant to work with and once I got them going on a task, they worked without supervision.”

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