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GOLDFISH AND YOGURT SMOOSHED UNDER YOUR TODDLER’S CAR SEAT? Fence needs fresh paint? Leaves to rake? Has your Cocker Spaniel turned your lawn into a mine field this past summer? Take the weekend off and let The Odd Job Squad cut your spring to-do list in half!

The Odd Job Squad is a brand new initiative scheduled to launch on Wednesday, May 23, by YKACL Employment Services. The project seeks to assist under-employed individuals who self-identify with a disability to derive a small income from one-time or short-term work while they search for permanent employment.

Our staff are looking to connect with employers and households that may offer casual or temporary employment at or above minimum wage ($13.46/hour).

Bartle & Gibson hired Odd Job Squad members Clement Koe and Charles Tonka for eight days of work last month as the company moved into its new Old Airport Road location.

“Boy was that ever a smart move,” said Bartle & Gibson branch manager Wade Makaro. “Charles Tonka and Clement Koe are excellent workers for the jobs I needed them to do. They were pleasant to work with and once I got them going on a task, they worked without supervision.”

The pair built shelves, arranged stock, swept and helped move product as the company relocated uptown.

The Odd Job Squad is also perfect for mowing grass and other yard work, washing and vacuuming vehicles, sweeping and mopping floors, washing windows, moving furniture, chopping wood, alphabetizing, dishwashing, house cleaning, hauling gravel, gardening, stocking shelves, providing construction assistance, taking out trash and much, much more!

Any employer or household interested in The Odd Job Squad may contact us to share details of their task. Our staff can match the right client for the job – along with a job coach, if needed. To hire the Odd Job Squad, contact project manager Junn Gesmundo at info@InclusionNWT.ca or call 445-6967.

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