Garden of support grows around Inclusion NWT

Close to $15,000 in cash prizes ripe for the pickin’ in another Bloomin’ raffle

INCLUSION NWT IS HOSTIN’ ANOTHER BLOOMIN’ RAFFLE from May 14th to June 18th, with $14,700 in cash prizes ready to harvest just in time for Father’s Day!

Yeah. We know, we know. It’s another Bloomin’ raffle! We don’t like it any more than you do. (It was either this or sell 978kg of cookie dough.)

But when it comes to fundraising – much the same as growing a garden – many hands make for light work! The business community really came through for our 59-year-old charitable organization’s ambitious flower-themed fundraiser! With generous seed money sown by 10 local businesses, the Inclusion NWT volunteer board has planted a fun and colourful raffle experience at

“We are ever grateful to all of these businesses for recognizing the importance of the services Inclusion NWT provides to the community and we know the public also has our back,” says Tony Florio, board fundraising chair with Inclusion NWT. “These funds we seek to raise are critical for the delivery of essential services to individuals with intellectual and other disabilities and their families, at a time when we’ve fielded an increased demand over 2020/21.”

Raffle proceeds will support services for individuals with disabilities and their families, such as Job Coaching and Respite Services.

Early Bird Prizes will be drawn Fridays. Five grand prizes will be drawn at 4pm on June 18th: $10,000, $2,500, $1,000, $500 and $200.

Inclusion NWT provides lifelong support for individuals with disabilities and their families in the NWT, since 1962.

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