FASD Awareness Day Sept. 9

FASD is 100% preventable.
Moms-to-be & their loved ones
please commit to 0-9.
0 alcoholic drinks
for 9 months

What is FASD?

FASD is a brain injury that can occur when an unborn baby is exposed to alcohol.  It’s a lifelong disorder with effects that include physical, mental, behavioural and learning disabilities. These can vary from mild to severe.

FASD is the leading known cause of preventable developmental disability in Canada. The number of people who have FASD is not known in Canada nor anywhere else in the world. This is because FASD is difficult to diagnose and also because it often goes undetected.

However, based on studies conducted between 1985 and 1997, an estimated 1% of Canadians (360,000 people) have FASD. More recent studies from the US and other Western European countries of first grade students estimate that between 2 to 5% have FASD.

How can FASD be prevented?

If you’re planning a pregnancy, the best thing to do is to stop drinking alcohol in advance of your pregnancy. If you aren’t planning a pregnancy, you can help prevent FASD by properly using:

  • condoms
  • contraceptive pills
  • other contraception

Some pregnancies are not planned, and you may have been drinking alcohol before you knew you were pregnant. Once you find out you’re pregnant, it’s best to stop drinking alcohol immediately. Every day without alcohol makes a difference. If you’re concerned about the risks to the fetus, it’s best to seek the advice of a health care provider.

If you’re a partner, family member or friend, you can support a pregnant woman by:

  • not drinking
  • encouraging her not to drink alcohol while pregnant

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