Explore the Abe Miller Garden

YKACL clients, staff and their friends have prepared a whimsical garden for the public to enjoy along 53rd Street. Come check it out!

The Abe Miller Garden  makes up one of the stops along the City of Yellowknife’s annual Garden Tour (1pm-4:30pm on Sunday, July 23).

The curbside space features willow arches and sculpture designed by artists Rosanna Strong and Jenny Tucker and created with help from volunteers this spring and summer.

The garden is comprised of a lovely caragana bush surrounded by sunflowers, verbena, dahlias, French lilac, lantanas, and golden acre. Begonias, cosmos, nasturtiums, carnations, gazanias, daisies, petunias, geraniums and a mock orange bush grow in flower beds and pots around the Abe Miller grounds, as well.

The garden offers a lovely and aromatic backdrop for a midday stroll.

For further information about the City of Yellowknife Garden Tour, please call city hall at 920-5676 or check the City of Yellowknife’s Special Events page at www.yellowknife.ca.

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