Charitable recycling donation pilot project launches for Gumboot Rally

THE YELLOWKNIFE ASSOCIATION FOR COMMUNITY LIVING is excited to announce a new charitable recycling donation system at the Bottle Shop Recycling Depot.
Developed by the NWT Waste Reduction and Recovery Program team at the GNWT Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the new pilot project allows organizations to issue a charitable tax receipt to residents once they have dropped off at least $25 worth of bottles and cans.

How does it work?
Residents bring bags of refundable recyclables to the bottle depot and register with a depot staff member. After the one-time registration is complete (including name and email), residents enter the code for the Association, which is the same as our phone number (9202644), and the number of bags being donated. The computer prints one bar code sticker for each bag. That’s it!
Immediately after the donation is made, Association staff will receive an automated email with the donor’s name and contact information. Staff will contact the donor once to obtain the donor’s complete mailing address to issue a tax receipt.
“The NWT Waste Reduction and Recovery Program staff created a wonderful system to help our Gumboot Rally teams collect donations,” said Association board fundraising chair Vee Faria. “The whole process takes less than two minutes – in and out, no muss, no fuss.”
The 2018 Gumboot Rally fundraising season has begun! This year’s theme is BE OUR HERO!
Residents are encouraged to register their five-person super teams online HERE. The rally will be held from 10am-noon on Saturday, May 5.

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