Month: September 2019

Welcome to the YKACL Parent/Family Night (Sept 25)

The first YKACL Parent/Family Night of the fall will be held on Wednesday, Sept 25th, from 7 to 9pm.This will provide families an opportunity to identify subjects they’d like to chat about over the winter.Meet at the Abe Miller Building (4912 53rd St)Please RSVP to 920-2644 or email info@inclusionnwt.caChildcare provided with advance notice.The monthly event …

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Leave your leaves to The Odd Job Squad this fall!

The YKACL Odd Job Squad is available for short-term or one-time tasks, such as:raking leavesshoveling snowconstruction assistancesweeping and moppingalphabetizingfurniture deliveriesdump runshauling gravelstacking firewoodand much more!To hire the Odd Job Squad, call or text the hotline at 445-6967 or email employability@inclusionnwt.caBartle & Gibson hired two Odd Job Squad members for eight days of work last month …

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YKACL Newsletter (Sept. 16, 2019)

CLICK HERE FOR THE YKACL Newsletter (Sept 16, 2019) Contents:– Introducing the Yay Fusion! Teen Group (1st event of fall: Sept 19)– Business Services Team, YES Group and Odd Job Squad updates– YKACL staff profile by Andrew Willy– YKACL Parent/Family Night Sept. 25– FYI: Outreach Legal Aid Clinics hours Have a great week!

YAY Fusion! Teen Group: join us!

The inclusive Yay Fusion! Teen Group welcomes youth aged 13-18, with or without a disability.We meet twice per month to socialize with peers, share group outings, attend special events and discover new, fun recreational activities! Keep up with the latest YKACL Youth Group events by following or our Facebook and Twitter pages.Event listings will also be …

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